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Wednesday Mother's Club



The purposes of the Wednesday Mothers' Club are:


To Provide an opportunity for mothers of young children to establish lasting friendships; To welcome new residents into a caring fellowship and acquaint them with the resources of the community;


To provide an opportunity for mothers of young children to grow in their understanding of themselves, their families, and the community;


To Provide opportunities for creative services to the community.


Any mother with a pre-first grade child is eligible for membership in The Wednesday Mothers' Club. Meetings are held once a week, on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  There are approximately fifty members and seventy children, ranging in age from infant through five years. We have five classrooms, accommodating each age group. Older children enjoy gym time, snack time and arts and crafts. While approximately twenty members serve as permanent sitters, the remaining members participate in an informative morning program. Sitters receive a 1/2 hour break each Wednesday, and one Wednesday morning off per month. One full year of service is required for every four years of membership in the club - service is defined as either serving as a permanent sitter of serving on the sixteen member Board of Directors.


The Wednesday Mothers' Club takes pride in their interesting and varied membership and their dedication to each other and the community. The club consists of some amazing women who continue to amass an extensive knowledge about the wonderful, and sometimes frustrating, world of raising small children - and then use that knowledge to support and advise each other.


New members are always welcome. Contact President of WMC - Terry Paterno at  WednesdayMothersClub@gmail.com for additional information.


Annual dues are $125.00.


We hope you will consider applying to this one of a kind organization.


For more information on WMC please visit our website atwww.wmcfp.com